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      He thought he read her look correctly. "I don't like it either," he told her earnestly. "But somebody has to do it. I think"

      "How did the Election go?"

      "It is not good to be free," he said at last, in a reasonable, weary tone. "In the cold there is a bad thing. In the rain there is a bad thing. To be free is to go to these bad things."

      Chapter 10The following day was market-day at Rye, and Robert and Peter were to take over the cart. Robert was glad of this, for he had made up his mind that he must change the bank-note. If he tried to change it at the Fair or after he had gone away with Bessie it might arouse suspicion; but no one would think anything of his father having so large a sum, and he could offer it when he went to pay the harness bill at the saddler's. As for the pocket-book, he threw that into the horse-pond when no one was looking; it was best out of the way, and the three hundred pounds' worth of certificates it contained meant nothing to him.

      Rye platforms, instead of being confined to arguments on herrings and sprats, rang unusually with matters of national import. The free education of the poor was then a vital question, which Reuben and his party opposed with all their might. Educated labourers meant higher wages and a loss of that submissive temper which resulted in so many hours' ill-paid work. Here the Bardons waxed eloquent, but Backfield, helped by Ditch of Totease, who could speak quite well if put through his paces beforehand, drew such a picture of the ruin which would attend an educated democracy, that the voice of Flightshot, always too carefully modulated to be effective, was silenced.


      "Oh, no," said Reuben, sitting in yesterday's chair, and gazing up at the Rossetti."I want my blue negleegyI must show you my blue negleegy," she panted, up to her elbows in underlinen.


      Towards evening uneasiness sprang up again, with the old questionwould he return? She told herself that if he did, she would not hold back, she would not let her inexperience and timidity rob her or him of their love. She would let him kiss her as he pleasedlove was too good a thing to risk for a few qualms. But would he come?would he give her the chance of reparation? The sun dipped behind Castweasel, the hot sky cooled into a limpid greenstars specked it in the north, and the moon came up behind Iden Woods, huge and dim.Marvor hissed and at the same time shook his head like a master. The effect was not so much frightening as puzzling: he was a creature, suddenly, who belonged to both worlds, and to neither. "A master is one who does what he wants," he said. "If I do what I want, am I a master?"